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WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc., toronto

WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc. is a state of the art custom manufacturer of Spray Dried and Dry Blended products for the snack, cracker, manufacturers, soups and CPG’s food service manufacturers. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, the WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc. facility has been part of WILD since 1995.

Our Spray Driers are specifically designed to produce cheese powders, creaming agents, shortening powders, modified milk ingredients and other products and flavor enhancers, creating a creamier, non-granular easy to use product.

Organized and poised for growth, WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc. on-site Research and Development and Regulatory department provides custom formulations on an application basis that are unique to our customers and their end product requirements.


  • Spray Dried Cheese Powders
  • Spray Dried Shortening Powders, Non- Dairy Creamers, and Whey Products
  • Customized Toll - Dry Blending
  • Seasonings and Seasoning Blends
  • Research and Development

What does Spray Drying offer you – our customer:

  • Shelf stable product
  • Ambient stored product
  • Longer shelf life (1 year average)
  • Eliminates the use/storage of fresh/perishable ingredients
  • Replaces liquid dairy products with dry shelf stable products
  • Spray Dry products are easier to use in formulas

What does Dry Blending offer you – our customer:

  • Produces customized homogeneous blends
  • Allows for large volume blends
  • Not exclusive to food (Pharma, Pet, Agri & Cosmeceutical)
  • Process quality controlled
  • Various packaging formats
  • Very uniform


WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc.
7315 Pacific Circle
Mississauga, Ontario
L5T 1V1, Canada
Tel.: +1-905-670-11 08
Fax: +1-905-670-00 76
Toll Free: 800-263-52 86