WILD Flavors (Schweiz) AG, sisseln

WILD Flavors (Schweiz) AG serviced the Swiss market from Basle since 1979. The company moved to Pratteln in 1985, and relocated to Sisseln in 2005. The company is a development and production location, as well as a competence center for special flavors – particularly cola flavors – and for the production and application of WILD's Resolver™ Technology.


  • Development, production, and competence center for special flavors
  • Production and application of WILD Resolver™ Technology

Product Portfolio

  • Special flavors, particularly cola flavors
  • WILD Resolver™ Technology 


Wild Flavors (Schweiz) AG 
Zipriostraße 1 
CH-4334 Sisseln 
Phone: +41-62-866-60 60 
Fax: +41-62-866-60 70 

Site History

1979   WILD Flavors (Schweiz) AG is founded in Basle, Switzerland.
1985   The company moves to Pratteln, Switzerland.
2005   The company relocates to Sisseln, Switzerland.