Ready-to-Drink Tea

Traditional Healthy Indulgence

Around the world, tea is the most frequently consumed drink after water.

Ready-to-drink teas that can be enjoyed cold are currently en vogue. Consumers appreciate them as a thirst-quencher with a wellness factor that can be enjoyed immediately and anywhere without needing to be brewed. WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients’ numerous and varied tea concepts provide high-quality natural tea enjoyment. 

A contemporary product idea is sparkling teas. They provide refreshment like classic carbonated soft drinks, combined with the taste and wellness character of tea. Whether based on black tea, white tea or green tea, all varieties are low-calorie and contain only natural ingredients. 

WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients’ premium range is manufactured on the base of tea infusions. A gentle infusion process preserves the quality and the authentic tea taste. Drink manufacturers themselves require neither brewing nor infusion technology. White tea, green tea or Ceylon tea provide different positioning options, letting manufacturers differentiate their products clearly from classic extraction-based ice teas, both in terms of taste and concept. 

Fruit teas are also currently en vogue, providing many families an ideal caffeine-free alternative to classic soft drinks. They are particularly popular with children.