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SaltTrim ® - Low sodium salt®

WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients introduces the newest taste revolution for salt reduction in food and beverage with SaltTrim®.

Based on unique, proprietary technology, SaltTrim® simultaneously blocks the negative tastes of potassium chloride while keeping the true taste and mouthfeel of salt. While other products aim only to block the bitter, metallic tastes of potassium chloride, SaltTrim® creates a complete eating experience by adding back much of the taste and texture unique to salt.

The progressive technology enables manufacturers to remove up to 50% of the salt (NaCl) in existing formulations – without impacting taste. SaltTrim® is temperature-stable, kosherable and available in "natural" and "natural and artificial" versions. WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients’ full SaltTrim® line, offers various solutions for manufacturers to reduce the sodium content of their products.  The original SaltTrim® is designed to work in conjunction with a customer’s own potassium chloride.  SaltTrim® Plus combines SaltTrim® with the correct amount of potassium chloride to create the best possible formula for the product.  Another step above for those needing a natural option is Sea SaltTrim® – an all-in-one solution to reduce sodium content up to 45% with natural labeling options.