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Healthy and natural: beverages to enjoy and feel good about

The standards are high, and beverages are expected to consist of natural ingredients, be good for our health and have a great taste. At drinktec 2017, visitors can see how WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients (WFSI), a business unit of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), satisfies these demands.

?For many years, WFSI has been a compelling source of top-quality ingredients thanks to its expertise in processing natural products. At drinktec, its know-how will be evident in new, attractive concepts. Protein drinks and still drinks, beverages with a high juice content, non-alcoholic mixed beverages - WFSI’s current developments meet the standards that many consumers associate with natural and healthy foods. What’s more, the flavors of these drinks will win people over. For manufacturers, this means being able to upgrade their portfolio to include surprising trendy products and creating greater customer loyalty as well as attracting new consumers.

New vegan protein drinks
In parallel to WFSI’s Vegan Power Drinks, the company is also presenting two new products at drinktec alongside the well-established fusion of energy and protein drinks. These new lifestyle protein drinks are to be enjoyed on the go, as a snack for in between or – with a higher protein content – as a sports drink. Each of the variants is vegan, contains plant-based protein and is lactose-free. Furthermore, on the European market, the product label can prominently display health claims about contributing to muscle growth as well as to the maintenance of muscles mass and normal bones.

Brand-new fiber drinks for the health-conscious
Reduced calories and more fiber are product characteristics that consumers are generally looking for. As a result, WFSI has created a new concept for the still-drink category to fulfill both demands. At drinktec, WFSI developers are introducing “yourBalance,” a new functional still drink with verifiable health benefits. It has 30% fewer calories and is enriched with Fibersol®, a soluble fiber. Together, these ingredients mean that blood glucose levels do not increase as much after consumption as they do with beverages that have a higher sugar content. The advantage for manufacturers is that they may use EFSA-certified health claims such as “contributes to a balanced blood glucose level”, thus clearly highlighting the added value for their clients. Last but not least, adding Fibersol® creates positive effects on the still drink’s sensory profile. The fiber improves the mouthfeel, leading to a harmonious and well-rounded concept.

Fruit & Veggie: aromatic with a high vegetable content
New fruit and vegetable drinks have been very successful on the market. Hardly any other segment has been as effective in quickly earning a place for itself on beverage shelves as these kinds of still drinks and beverages with a high juice content. At drinktec, WFSI is highlighting new Fruit & Veggie concepts that feature a particularly high vegetable content. An innovative drink which blends harmoniously with its juice concentrates, these beverages are available at the booth both with varying juice contents and with different sweetening options.

Innovations with juice: clean and clear labels
New not-from-concentrate (NFC) juices are the premium option on supermarket juice shelves. With their authentic character and their natural composition, they fulfill the wishes of many consumers by providing a natural beverage with only a few ingredients. WFSI’s special NFC juices are the ideal choice for clear-label concepts intended for top-tier positioning. The company is also presenting new choices in the category of clean-label products. These beverages will win consumers over with their refreshing and fruity flavor that is completely free of additives. Another item in the WFSI trade-fair portfolio: new creations in the field of CSDs. With juice contents of up to 20%, they enjoy a more natural image than classic soft drinks and are a solid response to the trend towards high-end lemonades.

Chia: a superfood with consistency
Some people see chia as a real jack-of-all-trades with multiple positive properties that benefit our wellbeing. No matter what benefits they offer, these seeds are a rediscovered ancient grain known to the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans. On the European market, they are still comparatively new and are thus subject to a few regulations. But meanwhile they have also opened up new options, and chia seeds may be used as an ingredient in juices and juice blends.

Among other things, chia seeds contain vegetable protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants. When they are used to enrich juices and still drinks, they stir up interest among consumers, especially those who like to try unusual ingredients and are interested in a healthy lifestyle. WFSI is promoting several concepts with different juice content and chia seeds.

Lifestyle beverages: completely non-alcoholic
Options with little or no alcohol are increasingly in demand, as can be seen by the popularity of both mixed beer drinks and alcoholic mixed drinks. For consumers who deliberately want to refrain from alcohol or want alternatives such as classic sports drinks, WFSI beer mix drinks with no alcohol content are ideal. They are isotonic and low in calories, making them the perfect refreshment – and not just after physical activity.

There are also new non-alcoholic concepts in the field of lifestyle beverages. Based on fermented grape-juice concentrate, WFSI has composed beverages that have “adult” flavor profiles and nuanced sweetness. These new products can be positioned as contemporary lifestyle and enjoyment beverages suitable to many different occasions. At drinktec, WFSI will be presenting a new range of lifestyle drinks and feature three flavors from this line: “Sprizz,” “Hugo” and “Fancy” were all inspired by taste profiles that are major hits in the club and restaurant scene.

Malt: popular around the world
Malt beverages are very trendy across the globe. There are, however, regional differences in terms of people’s flavor preferences and how the drinks are positioned. WFSI offers a wide range of concepts ranging from classic ideas about new non-alcoholic drinks all the way to options with refreshing lychee or spicy chai flavors.

Join us at drinktec 2017: Hall B1, booth 302.

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