Djazagro 2015

WILD flavors tailor-made for Africa

Tastes vary from region to region, and the same is true for the soft drink market. In Africa as well as in the Middle East consumers prefer juice drinks with intense colors and flavors, while in Europe people are rather interested in natural products and ingredients. As a result, at this year’s Djazagro 2015 trade fair WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients (WILD) has a special focus on its extensive juice drinks portfolio, including concentrates and blends for beverages that feature different amounts of juice.

In Algiers, WILD highlights its broad juice drinks portfolio including fruity still drinks, milk-based products as well as “mouthfeel” drinks, and demonstrates the right solution to help every manufacturer generate additional growth. The beverages are variable in juice content, thus allowing for different product positionings. In addition, the Great Taste expert displays innovative product ideas for carbonated soft drinks, malt beverages as well as for the sector of energy drinks. All concepts have been developed for the taste preferences of African consumers and market demands.

Still drinks: from classic to exceptional
WILD's experts provide manufacturers an insight into the latest regional preferences and into different flavor options including classical fruity variants as well as innovative versions, for example a new combination of strawberry and lime. This blend does not only offer an excellent flavor, it also provides a choice of different approaches to product positioning: from classic soft drinks to seasonal summer drinks. Mango that comes along with dates is another ingenious combination: It satisfies the expectation for well-known and preferred flavors, but still has surprising effects due to novel oriental nuances.

Healthy thirst quenchers with added vitamins are also a main topic. People enjoy the aromatic and fruity taste including a wholesome benefit. One example for an ACE drink is the blend of blood orange, carrot and strawberry.

Interesting fusion categories: Milk & Juice
For the sector still drinks with dairy components, WILD is presenting new Milk & Juice concepts at Djazagro: With a convincing creative taste, e.g. green apple or orange-passionfruit-banana, they bring new momentum to the emerging markets.

A special mouthfeel
Particularly in Africa and the Middle East, mouthfeel beverages are the talk of the town: still drinks with a special something extra which enhances people’s enjoyment are especially popular. In response to this market specification, WILD has created several concepts with varying juice contents featuring popular African flavors, for example orange and mango. The products are available with and without fruit cells.

New growth with WILD product ideas
At Djazagro, WILD also showcases selected product ideas for carbonated soft drinks, among them mainstream versions, but also new concepts, such as citrus-pomelo and aromatic passion fruit. Another highlight are malt drink concepts. For this category, trend-oriented product ideas for flavored and dark as well as fruity variants will be presented. WILD rounds off its portfolio with energy drinks, a global growth category.  

Beverage manufacturers can get comprehensive information on all of WILD’s ingredients and innovative turnkey concepts at the WILD booth throughout the course of the fair from April 20 – 23.

Heidelberg-Eppelheim / Algiers, April 20, 2015.

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Caption: At Djazagro, WILD has a special focus on its extensive juice drinks portfolio including still drinks, milk-based products, and “mouthfeel” beverages.
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