Coloring foodstuffs

WILD's Rainbow Range makes beverages vibrant

WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients (WILD) is introducing a new system of nuanced coloring foodstuffs: it features new concentrates that are a perfect match for many popular beverage flavors and are easy to use. The Rainbow Range stands for natural color highlights as well as excellent quality in terms of sensory properties and processability.

Beverages should have a good taste and look attractive, but those factors alone are not enough. More and more consumers are prioritizing natural foods and products that do not list any additives on the label. Coloring foodstuffs play an important part here, and WILD's product developers have impressively optimized the vividness of their products. WILD's new portfolio of coloring foodstuffs, the Rainbow Range, meets every need: newly defined brilliant colors provide visual reinforcement for all common fruit flavors, creating the perfect accent for clean-label beverage concepts based on natural ingredients.

Naturally more colorful: WILD's new system that covers the entire prism
Safflower, red radish and purple carrot are among the key ingredients for the portfolio, which is particularly important for the beverage sector: the nuances range from yellow to orange and red all the way to reddish-purple. They offer color solutions which give beverages a striking brilliance and radiance. Safflower concentrate, for example, creates fresh yellows and is designated as "Lemon Type" within the new WILD color system. This name and other similar terms such as "Strawberry Type“ or "Blueberry Type" (see box for all colors) indicate which shades and tones are possible with various products. As a result, manufacturers can quickly and easily recognize which concentrates are suitable for their beverage concepts and provide the most harmonious color complement. All of the products in WILD' Rainbow Range can be used immediately in processing and are easy to use.

Especially close to nature – top sensory quality
The new nuances of these coloring foodstuffs are not only visually striking: they also have an "inner beauty" which is equally compelling. The product developers at WILD have struck the perfect balance: the colors are brilliant but do not affect the flavor. Red radish is one example that is associated with undesired flavor impressions, but WILD has optimized it in such a way that its excellent colorant properties are fully leveraged without having any sensory impact on the flavor. The company has steadily continued to develop its expertise in extracting and blending critical raw materials for coloring foodstuffs. The Valencia site was the main impetus behind these development services for the Rainbow Range for beverages.

High degrees of competence in safeguarding the supply chain
Fulfilling WILD's standard of having high uniform quality in coloring foodstuffs is only possible if the necessary quantities of premium raw materials are always available. To achieve this, the company signs solid long-term contracts with its raw-material suppliers. Thanks to ADM's global network, this puts the company in a very good position and gives it access to many important sources of raw materials. In addition to its strategic alliances, WILD focuses on vertical integration: having its own contracts for vital raw materials (such as the one for red radish at the Valencia site) ensures full control over the quality and flavor of the products. This allows WILD to guarantee uniformly high quality for its natural ingredients, which are based on raw materials that can undergo fluctuations because of growing conditions.

Coloring foodstuffs: WILD's Rainbow Range

Newly defined brilliant colors provide visual reinforcement for all standard fruit flavors and create the perfect accent to clean-label beverage concepts based on natural ingredients.

•  Yellow: Lemon Type
•  Orange: Apricot Type
•  Orange red: Mango Type
•  Bright red: Red Currant Type
•  Intense red: Strawberry Type
•  Dark red: Forest Berry Type
•  Violet red: Blueberry Type

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