Coloring foodstuffs / EU guidelines

Rainbow Range – making life naturally colorful

Radiant beauty and the best "inner values" – WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients (WFSI) produce coloring foodstuffs that have brilliant colors in foods and beverages, are stable and comply with the EU guidelines currently going into effect.

Consumer interest in foods and beverages with natural ingredients is as high as ever. According to current data from the Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Report, some 42% of consumers polled around the world state that the product claim "contains no artificial colors" is an important purchasing criterion for them.  Consequently, there is major market potential for products which are colored using natural ingredients; they contain no E-numbers and thus do not have to be declared on the label.

New formulations for radiant shades of yellow and orange
The new EU guidelines go into effect on November 29, 2015 after a two-year transitional period. They create transparency and legal certainty with regard to coloring foodstuffs as opposed to food colorings. WFSI's Rainbow Range provides a wide range of coloring foodstuffs for foods and beverages, and all of these colors comply with the new EU specifications. They also stand out with their intense radiance and stability. WFSI products can be used in a broad variety of different applications: there are water-soluble options for beverages, gelatin articles and hard caramels and oil-soluble ones for foods such as chocolate waffles. Highlights include new formulations for luminous shades of yellow and orange.

A user-friendly system of color shades
Safflower, turmeric, red radish and black carrots are the key raw ingredients for the color spectrum which ranges from yellow, orange and red all the way to reddish-violet; this palette is especially important in manufacturing beverages. To help product developers quickly and easily select the concentrate that is best suited for a given concept, WFSI has introduced a new system of color shades. The respective product designations such as Lemon, Mango or Forest Berry immediately indicate which shades can be created using different extracts and which products they are ideal for.

WFSI: an experienced partner from the initial concept all the way to the finished product
The WFSI portfolio not only offers solutions for all of the color shades that are relevant to the beverage and food industry, it also meets kosher and halal standards. Furthermore, WFSI is also available as a competent consultant and service provider to assist its customers in selecting the proper color solutions. Customers benefit from the company's technical color service and its expertise in applications. This covers everything from extensive test processes to preparing samples.

Wide distribution network for raw materials ensures quality
A key requirement for fulfilling the standards of high uniform product quality – especially when it comes to coloring foodstuffs – is that the best raw materials always have to be available in the necessary quantities. To achieve this goal, WFSI has solid long-term partnerships with a network of raw-material suppliers around the world. As part of the ADM family, the ingredients specialist also has additional access to many important raw-material suppliers. At the same time, WFSI relies upon vertical integration: the company grows its own key resources, such as red radishes at its site in Valencia, and in doing so it guarantees full control over the quality of the product. A combination of agricultural contracts and vertical integration means that standardized high quality can be ensured for the natural ingredients, the raw materials for which are subject to crop-related fluctuations.

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