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Health and wellness products for food and beverage

Consciousness for a healthier way of life is increasing globally, which particularly affects the food and beverage industry. The trend towards functional food and drinks is a driving force for innovations.

The international market for products with a health-promoting factor is growing continuously, driven by two main issues. First, there is the topic of overweight and obesity, which is on the rise around the world. Increasing awareness of this problem is creating more demand for low-calorie and low-sugar products. Secondly, there is a focus on food and drinks with functional ingredients or products enriched with vitamins and minerals, like the currently en vogue Vitamin Water or Coconut Water drinks.

Just how promising this market is can be seen in the growing number of new products with health-promoting factors, as reviewed by Innova Market Insights. Yet, the EFSA Claim Act is a challenge for the positioning of functional food and beverages.