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New concepts with fresh-kick


The aromatic scent, the cool mouthfeel, it can even freshen your breath – mint refreshes the senses. Whether in beverages, chewing gums, confectioneries or oral-care products, mint has an almost unlimited potential for product innovations through all segments and categories.

Wild Flavors & Specialty Ingredients offers fresh ideas and new concepts with nuances of mint which will give your beverages and tablets the characteristic fresh note.


„Cool“ effects for beverages

?Consumers are looking more and more for new tastes for beverages. Especially exotic variants provide an exciting taste experience. WFSI developed two new exotic concepts with different mint profiles for still drinks and CSDs by combining tropical fruits with a fresh note of mint. Sweet-aromatic and fresh: passion fruit rounded off by a hint of peppermint with menthol. Another variant emphasizes spearmint which is combined with a peely watermelon.

Also classic mixed drinks like Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer and Tonic become more and more relevant on the European market. Therefore, WFSI offers three new CSD concepts including  „Citrus & Mint“, „Ginger Ale & Mint“ and „Tonic & Mint“ which will provide your drink with an unique freshness.

Refreshing solutions for confectioneries 

WFSI offers customized and innovative concepts with freshness-effect for the world of confectioneries. Refreshing mint granulates for pastilles are the ideal solution for the ongoing demand for new products. Exciting concepts like „Spearmint Green“ and „Peppermint Blue“ get their fresh colors with coloring foodstuff from WFSI.

Sustainability strongly in focus

In accordance with the „Plant Science Program“, WFSI is committed to high-quality raw materials and considerate handling of the environment with all its flavor compositions. Due to our expertise in the production and procurement of mint, WFSI is able to supply sustainable and excellent mint ingredients and flavors.



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