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Natural colors for food and sweets

Intensive Rainbow Shades

Consumers increasingly look for natural products which are also visually appealing with bright color shades. The demand for clean label products is especially high in Western Europe.

From red, orange and yellow to green, blue and purple – WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients extended its range of colors and offers intense coloring foodstuff for confectionery shining bright like a rainbow. The shades are made of extracts and concentrates and satisfy the consumer demand for natural color solutions.

Thanks to new extraction technologies in processing the microalgae spirulina, which is combined with safflower, WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients successfully created various green shades on a natural base. All new natural nuances offer manufacturers the possibility to accentuate many different flavors and satisfy consumer demands. The colors are especially suited for fruit gums, coated tablets, and soft and hard caramels.

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