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Translating nature into flavor

With expertise spanning the entire citrus value chain, ADM can help you achieve a flavor profile that consumers will prefer



We as ADM own unique citrus competences: with Florida Chemical Company and Erich Ziegler GmbH we are one of the most experienced suppliers in the citrus market. Due to our combined in-depth knowledge, many years of experience and an extensive global network we are a full-service citrus partner and are able to cover all of your demands related to the citrus market. With our team of citrus specialists we master the market inside out. Our application experts work alongside you to bring consumer-preferred products to the shelves.



Understanding Citrus
We can ensure a reliable and stable supply due to our strategical sourcing on a global level with long-term supplier relationships. You can benefit from our deep understanding of the market characteristics and dynamics.

De-Construct to Re-Construct
The state-of-the-art citrus extraction and distillation techniques possessed in-house allow us to translate nature into flavor. We rely on selective concentration for different folding levels, gentle cold extraction processes and comprehensive separation and fractionation to create our broad citrus portfolio. This know-how is based on fundamental research over decades and profound analytical support.

Unlimited Citrus for Natural Taste
Our raw material and production process know-how result in a huge variety of citrus products with different varietals and origins. Our versatile portfolio includes a full range of whole-fruit extracts, folded oils, add-back flavors, fractions and isolates. Depending on the market demands we can cover all required certification needs ranging from kosher, halal, organic and all the way up to REACH- or TTB-certified products.

Expressing Citrus
Our vast citrus ingredients portfolio offers our global flavor creation team unlimited formulation possibilities, allowing us to offer you natural true-to-fruit flavor profiles. Our regional creation teams ensure suitable adaption to local taste preferences. You can also benefit from our comprehensive delivery systems that are designed for all end-use applications, offering optimized solubility and stability.

Unfolding Opportunities
By adapting our flavors and systems to each applications’ technical demands, we are able to combine citrus with the desired base. We also offer full product development as well as application support, from first ideation to developing concepts for all regions. As a full service provider we offer turnkey solutions for both the beverage and food industry, through compounds and fruit preparations.

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