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Ice cream mix innovations, concepts and trends for manufacturers

Fresh Impulse for Premium Indulgence

For those special moments: new toppings, ripple sauces and coatings turn classical ice cream into an unique ice cream dessert.

High-quality creations with natural ingredients – this trend also affects the freezer section in the supermarket. WILD has developed new concepts with which manufacturers can turn simple kinds of ice cream into special desserts to be consumed at home or while on the go.

Whether as topping, ripple sauce or liquid core, various variations of chocolate preparations create brilliant accents. The new chocolate sauces have different nuances: “milk chocolate”, “bittersweet” and “semi-sweet,” and are based on genuine chocolate and precisely blended compositions of premium-quality cocoa. For a more extravagant taste, there is also “chocolate orange” with orange juice or “pears belle Helene” with real pear chunks.

Caramel is still a favorite, both for toppings and as a liquid core. WILD has developed a selection of different caramel sauces with interesting taste compositions, especially in combination with fruit, such as apricot & creamy caramel, pear & salty caramel, banana & burnt caramel, as well as pineapple & fudge.

Alternatives to the classic chocolate coatings are WILD’s new pH-neutral chocolate coatings with dessert flavors. The trendy taste varieties “Panna Cotta” and “Biscuit”, which can also be combined with fruit, are ideal for dessert ice cream popsicles – indulgence at home or on the go. The range was developed with natural flavors and coloring foodstuff.


Additionally, WILD offers colorful ice cream coatings, now without E-numbers. Spirulina opens up a whole new range of color nuances; nn combination with other coloring foodstuffs, almost every color shade is possible – derived from natural sources. The colors without E-numbers are not only suited for coatings, but also for water ice flavor systems.