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Fruit meet Veggies

Consumers are increasingly conscious about their diet and what contributes to their well-being. They are looking for more individual and high-quality products, which fit this trend and offer exciting new flavor experiences.

This is why, apart from the carrot, which has been popular for years, more and more vegetable varieties are finding their way into fruit juices. With the new Fruit & Veggie range, ADM offers concepts which not only taste great but are individual and innovative and therefore fit to a modern lifestyle.

At home or on the go: Fruity Still Drinks with vegetables

Fruity-fresh still drinks with an exciting new taste from a light vegetable component: different variants of the new fruit and veggie range from ADM—like orange, pumpkin and ginger; or red beet and strawberry—give consumers new taste experiences.

Exciting extras, like a slightly hot flavor from ginger or a refreshing hint of mint, round off the concepts. The whole range is also available as calorie-reduced option, with natural sweetness from steviol glycosides.

Juices for all tastes

ADM also offers new concepts for juices with different fruit and vegetable combinations. Whether it is cucumber, kiwi and spinach; apple, red beet and black currant, or pear, parsnip and yellow carrot—fruit and vegetable juices from ADM are the ideal answer for consumers looking for innovative flavors. Concepts can be designed tailor-made according to consumer needs, with high or low vegetable content, as blends made of concentrates or not-from-concentrate juices. Certain product options can highlight a special added touch, such as a hint of chili or a peppery note.

Each portion can be counted towards the “five a day” recommendation about fruits and vegetables, thus making it part of a balanced diet.