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Beer mix innovations, concepts and trends for manufacturers

While “classic” beer is on the decline in Europe, beer-mix drinks and flavored beers are showing major growth. There is especially high demand right now for beer-mix drinks in innovative flavors, and cocktails have an influence that has made its way to the beer market as well.

The new WILD beer-mix concepts with wild herbs are designed to appeal to a male target group in particular. The wheat-beer basis is enhanced with a variety of herbal notes that are well-known from herbal liquors, creating surprising flavor experiences. Those who prefer a milder flavor can turn to WILD's "Lemon+X," which features 3% juice. The natural citrus note is blended with juniper here, giving the beer notes that resemble a gin and tonic.

Also non-alcoholic beer-mix drinks are literally getting things moving on the market. WILD's portfolio of non-alcoholic beer-mix drinks ranges from popular classics such as shandies with lemon all the way to cross-category beer blends with flavors reminiscent of popular cocktails such as margaritas and caipirinhas. Additionally, there are more and more options which contain no alcohol whatsoever. These beverages can be actively labeled and advertised as having "0.0% alcohol content," which is the perfect response to demand among health-conscious consumers.