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Solutions for ready meal manufacturers

By taking a more natural approach to the development of savory flavors and aromas, WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients supplies "tastes" that replicate those developed during the cooking process. This "process flavor technology" technique produces specific cooked notes and characters that cannot be achieved using compounded flavors. Savory flavor profiles include grilled, braised, sautéed, roasted, grilled, rare and fatty.

WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients’ solutions involve flavors as well as total ingredient systems. The Chef's Shortcuts® line of flavors and flavor systems can create restaurant-style bases, as well as total finished products, without lengthy preparation. WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients’ New Generation Meat Flavors is a complete line of cost-efficient, high-impact, concentrated flavors. The USDA inspected meat flavor production facility imparts complete cooking profiles to meat products via vacuum tumbling, injection or rubs. This efficient system provides products at lower costs in use than typical meat flavors. WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients offers innovative solutions from meats and sauces to soups and appetizers.

WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients’ "Triad Design" approach allows for the chef-flavor chemist-food scientist relationship to foster extensive concept design and product development for the creation of excellent flavors and systems that are easy to handle, use, and store.

WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients’ Savory Design Solutions® beef, chicken, pork and turkey flavors are a delicious way to bring great taste to a variety of culinary applications.  These flavors offer full product profiles that closely replicate slow home-cooked meats.  Savory Design Solutions® flavors offer the full effect of a rounded, specially prepared product and deliver nuances such as roasted, brothy, meaty, or pan dripping. 

Inspired by gold standard slow cooked meat dishes, these flavors offer a cost competitive way to create product consistency in an all natural meat flavor.  They are developed for use in meats, gravies, soups, entrees, sauces, marinades, and other applications where a nicely rounded flavor will create a truly savory profile.