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WILD Flavors, Port Elizabeth

WILD Flavors has a production facility located in the port of Elizabeth, NJ. Its deep-sea access point allows for bulk vessel unloading and its multipurpose bulk tank-farm enables a highly efficient infrastructure for juice concentrate handling. With over 20 years of experience of working with fruit juice concentrates, the Elizabeth site is setup for efficiently delivery of bulked juice concentrates to food and beverages customers on the US East coast.


  • Warehousing, handling, and just-in-time delivery of bulk juice concentrates

Product Portfolio

  • Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate
  • Bulk Pear Juice Concentrate


WILD Flavors
132 Corbin Street, Bldg. 1200
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201
Phone: 908-820-9800
Fax: 908-820-9808

Site History

2012   WILD absorbs the the Cargill Juice Business