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ADM WILD EUROPE GmbH & Co. KG, Heidelberg-Eppelheim

ADM WILD’s largest production site is located in Heidelberg-Eppelheim.


  • ADM WILD is one of the world's leading producers of natural ingredients to the food and beverage industry.

Product Portfolio

ADM WILD Europe GmbH & Co. KG

  • Flavor systems, concentrates, and concentrate blends for the beverage industry
  • Fruit preparations for the dairy as well as for the ice cream, confectionery, and baking industries. 


ADM WILD Europe GmbH & Co. KG
Rudolf-Wild-Straße 107-115 
D-69214 Eppelheim / Heidelberg
Phone: +49-6221-799-0 


Heidelberg-Eppelheim (PDF, 145 kb) 

Site History

1931     Rudolf Wild establishes Zick-Zack Werk Rudolf Wild in Heidelberg and moves the company 1937 to Eppelheim, as the business expands. Very early, he focusses on manufacturing ingredients for non-alcoholic beverages exclusively from natural raw materials. 
1956    WILD acquires Deutsche SiSi Werke in Hamburg. 
1963    WILD acquires INDAG Gesellschaft für Industriebedarf. 
1969    Deutsche SiSi Werke begins manufacturing and marketing Capri-Sun, the world-renowned fruit juice drink in an environmentally friendly stand-up pouch. 
The headquarters of INDAG and Deutsche SiSi-Werke are moved to Heidelberg-Eppelheim. 
1971    WILD starts production of fruit preparations for the dairy and confectionery industries. 
1974    Along with INDAG, WILD sets up its own machine center for filling and packaging Capri-Sun, and starts to establish its own sales and distribution arm for the fruit drink in Germany. 
1981    WILD starts to produce fruit flavors. 
1991    WILD starts to produce natural colors and color extracts. 
1992    Capri-Sun becomes market leader in Europe. 
1994    Capri-Sun becomes market leader in the US. 
2002    The world's most modern production facility for beverage ingredients opens in Heidelberg-Eppelheim. 
2003    The INDAG Global Pouch Machinery Center opens in Heidelberg-Eppelheim. This effectively consolidates the activities of INDAG under one roof. The company now has a production area equipped with state-of-the-art technology plus up-to-date offices. 
2005    INDAG expands the pouch business by offering the stand-up pouch to food and pet food producers. 
WILD opens a new high base warehouse in Heidelberg-Eppelheim, which also contains air-conditioned storage areas.           
2006    The company celebrates its 75th anniversary.          
2009    Capri-Sun celebrates its 40th anniversary.      
2011    The company celebrates its 80th anniversary.