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  • The first Nigerian Capri-Sun® production plant is inaugurated.
  • Capri-Sun production starts in Japan.

  • Dr. Hans-Peter Wild founds Capri-Sun Inc. in the USA, and takes over the Capri-Sun license from Shasta Beverages.
  • WILD starts to produce fruit flavors.
  • Capri-Sun becomes the first German soft drink brand to successfully enter the US market.
  • WILD acquires the Deprovesa company in Valencia, Spain. Today DEPROVESA WILD S.A. produces special fruit juice concentrates, natural fruit sweetening concentrates, natural colors, flavor extracts, and concentrated oils from citrus fruits in the heart of the citrus plantations near Valencia.

  • In the USA, Capri-Sun is awarded the gold medal for “Packaging of the Year”, and also wins the award for the most successful new product.
  • Capri-Sun production starts in Réunion.
  • Capri-Sun production starts in Martinique and Guinea.
  • Takara in Japan starts the Capri-Sun production under license of WILD.
  • Capri-Sun production starts in Indonesia and Dubai.
  • WILD acquires Dr. Scholvien GmbH & Co. in Berlin, Germany, and continues to expand its flavor business. Dr. Scholvien is Germany's oldest manufacturer of essences. The company is renamed WILD Flavors Berlin GmbH & Co. KG in 2001. Today, WILD Flavors Berlin is the global leader in FTNF (From The Named Fruit) flavors.