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Mint production made sustainable

From Plant to Product

Growing a greener future

Only a few plants have this unique characteristic: most commercial mint varieties do not produce seed, yet once planted, mint grows fast, spreads out and the rootstock remains in the ground, for up to seven years.

Growing mint is a complicated process, yet concerning the sowing process, in the long run, it utilizes far less resources than plants which have to be sown every year. It is our mission to preserve the soil, the plants and their environment and thus contribute to a responsible mint management. With the Plant Science Research Program, WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients invests into growing a sustainable future.

Sustainable success

Science and sustainability are traditional pillars of the company’s philosophy. Our commitment to the environment is the basis for the sustainable management of mint cultivation – with benefits for nature and our customers.

Achievements for the environment

  • Minimized land consumption due to high yields
  • Minimized pest control by resistant varieties
  • Less water consumption

Advantages for customers

  • Benefit from long-term experience in mint cultivation
  • Secure valuable resources
  • Retain high, standardized and safe quality
  • Positive impact on image by supporting sustainable agriculture

Science & Innovation

The Plant Science Program was established in the 1940s. Our scientists develop improved plant varieties which for example produce higher yield or are resistant to diseases like verticillium wilt. All of them are hybrids and not genetically modified. With the disease resistant varieties, pesticides can be reduced to a minimum.

The new non-GMO hybrids can remain in diseased ground that formerly would have been abandoned for mint production. As a result, it is possible to save land and infrastructure development costs and keep the current mint growing districts viable into the future.

Holistic approach

Sustainability affects all processes in the development of our products. With higher yielding non-GMO crops, farmers are able to get more oil from the same amount of land, reducing the inputs of water, fertilizer and fuel as well as power and farm equipment.

We conduct basic agronomic research to minimize usage of water, farm chemicals and other inputs and improve mint farming sustainability. WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients agronomists work directly with mint farmers to optimize mint production, encouraging them to use the best agricultural practices for mint.

Detect diseases early

Due to the extensive research farmers can detect plant diseases, insect and weed problems early. Herbicides, pesticides and other farm inputs have been reduced in a great amount. We pioneered for example in the use of natural biological controls in mint to reduce chemical sprays. As a founding member of the Mint Industry Research Council (MIRC), WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients supports mint research and activities needed to sustain and enhance productivity.

Preserve sources of life

We promote to adapt irrigation methods to the harvest stage in order to reduce water usage. Our recommended irrigation methods help to save water and increase the yield.

WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients also participates in a program by the State of Michigan, to help maintain and improve the quality of our local water resources. To save energy, WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients installed high efficiency lightning in offices and plant areas and encourages farmers to upgrade or replace aged boilers with more energy efficient models.

Future Focus

Improved irrigation systems, additional energy reduction projects and re-utilization of residual mint biomass – we continuously set new objectives and standards for a sustainable future of mint products. The natural by-product mint biomass, for example, protects soil from erosion, improves soil conditions and provides soil nutrients. Our main goal: Root sustainability in all processes of mint production and grow a greener future.