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This inspires our Employees in Business & Corporate Functions


Claudia S.

Human Resources

"I've been at WILD for more than ten years. At the moment I'm working part-time, so that I can combine family and profession more effectively. My main job is personnel management for the Product Development & Application field. I am excited by employing and supporting product developers from all around the world and getting to know about our cultural differences. Anyone who joins WILD should approach their work with enthusiasm and should keep a cool head even when things get a bit turbulent."

Christina S.

Regulatory Compliance

"The most important part of my work is looking at the raw materials for foods, things like aromas or fruit juice concentrates, from a legal point of view. For me, working at WILD means doing diverse things in a great team. I'm proud to be part of this team and of the company and of being able to contribute to the projects that help WILD to succeed. My tip for new employees is to enjoy the work, be flexible, and work in a team – then nothing can go wrong."

Simone B.

Financial Accounting

"I did my apprenticeship at WILD and have been enthusiastic about the company ever since. My job is to look after payment to national and international suppliers. The working atmosphere is terrific and there are always new challenges. Introducing the electronic workflow into the financial bookkeeping, for instance, was exciting. I took a big part in it and was able to hand my knowledge on to colleagues at branches abroad."