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CHERRY - an all-time classic

Discover the Cherry flavor world of ADM


Thanks to its appetizing color, its juicy and candy taste, cherry is an all-time favorite across all age groups.

Aiming to reflect this natural diversity, ADM´s flavorists have developed a range of cherry flavors with characteristics from fresh-fruit to ripe, from juicy to spicy, from candy to almond. This great range is a perfect match for all kind of different taste combinations, providing a choice of tastes.

The flavors meet the needs of different beverage, sugar confectionery or yoghurt applications, creating great taste experiences.



In the food segment, we have developed new pectin jellies with appealing cherry flavor combinations suitable throughout the year:

Whatever your flavor needs, and no matter your application, we have the technology and the know-how to offer trusted advice.

Contact hello-nutrition@adm.com if you are interested in ordering samples of these pectine gums. 


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