Although the basic concept of emulsions is the "oil-in-water" theory, WILD Flavors, Inc. has taken tremendous steps to improve the emulsion technology and capabilities for beverage formulation. WILD has made significant breakthroughs to enable two or more immiscible liquids to form one cohesive beverage. Although not all emulsions are opaque, emulsions are sometimes referred to as "clouds".

WILD has color emulsions for application in beverages. These include patent-pending Beta Carotene, Apo-Carotenal and Paprika micro emulsions that deliver water soluble, acid stable color without opacity and a new paprika cloudy emulsion that delivers exciting, new red-orange shades without imparting a negative taste to the end product.

WILD offers a water soluble emulsion of phytosterol oil for use in water soluble products such as beverages. The phytosterols are plant-derived and lower cholesterol by inhibiting the incorporation of cholesterol into micelles in the intestine.

WILD's line of emulsions also includes vitamins A and E. Vitamins are difficult to add to beverages because they are generally insoluble. The appearance of a vitamin A or E emulsion is cloudy and white. The benefits from these vitamins, including antioxidant properties to protect against damage from free radicals, can now be developed and utilized within beverages. Other emulsions from WILD include lutein and lycopene emulsions. Lutein and lycopene also create cloudy-looking emulsions and maintain antioxidant and other health benefits. WILD's emulsion ingredients can be utilized in a variety of applications and finished products with healthy ingredients.