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The Natural Advantage

Aseptic processing has been recognized and expressed as the “future for the food and beverage industry”.

WILD Aseptics continues to lead the food and beverage industry by providing its customers with its outstanding Aseptic Processing and Packaging Technology.

WILD Aseptics can process natural and organic ingredients that require no preservatives.  Natural products make up an important and growing trend in the food and beverage industry as consumers are seeking out products that do not contain artificial preservatives and other additives.

Consumers are demanding healthier foods that are minimally processed but guarantee the utmost in taste, quality and food safety.  WILD Aseptics gives companies an opportunity to reduce food safety concerns while enabling the use of “natural”, “organic”, or “no preservative” claims.


WILD Aseptics processes aseptic and cold-fill preserved products, making it your complete contract packaging partner. Both processes include small batching capabilities down to 500 gallons.

  • High Temperature Processing - WILD Aseptics processes high acid products (less than pH of 4.4) utilizing a technique known as High Temperature Short Time (HTST).  High heat is used for a short period of time to create a commercially sterile product and package.
  • Cold Fill Processing –WILD's cold fill preserved processing is used to control microbiological growth and can be done for both liquid and dry ingredients for final blends. This ambient temperature process is used most frequently for sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate preserved products that are processed directly from batch tanks to packaging.


  • Bulk Packaging – WILD can fill in drums or totes for aseptic or cold-filled preserved products in quantities ranging from 55 to 300 gallons. WILD can fill in BIB packaging for aseptic or cold-filled preserved products when the quantity is only 5 gallons. Bulk packaging is actively sought by:
    • Network marketing and direct selling companies
    • Consumer packaged goods companies
    • Organic and all-natural product companies
    • Consumer channels
  • Bag In Box (BIB) Packaging – WILD can fill aseptic or cold-fill preserved products from 1 to 5 gallons in BIB.  These flexible sizes are highly desired by:
    • Packaged goods companies with food service divisions
    • Retail businesses
    • Military
    • Organic and all-natural options
    • Hotel/hospitality industry
    • Universities, hospitals and other institutional applications

Aseptic processing is a WILD core competency technology that is used specifically for the food and beverage industry.